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Through the CRT network we can offer fertilizer from several companies including Incitec Pivot, Impact Fertilisers or Wengfu Australia. You can purchase in bulk and store on farm or grab it as you need, we can load in bulk or in bulka bags from our shed. We’ll look after you. These companies all offer quality product and allow us to give our customers very competitive pricing. Need liquid fertilizer for direct foliar application, then have a look at the Yara Nipro link for products that suit your application. For all current pricing updates, call us 5457 2235.

 SLTEC Fertilisers

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Pasture Seed

A large range of pasture seed is kept in store at all times to cater for your needs.We have all the favorites like, Murrabit Sub Mix, Marathon Mix, Rye grasses, Clovers in both Annual and Perennial, Lucerne, Oats, Vetch, Subs, our fabulous AR37 Perennial mix, or a mix made to your requirements. Want to be up to date, then click on one of the links for all the information you might need.

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Knight Ryegrass – The New Leader                                                         Lucerne Growing                                                                         Forage Cereals

Ryegrass Endophyte                                                                              Forage Sorghum & Millet                                                                Oats & Vetch

Feedex at Gunbower



Murrabit Marathon Mix                                    Murrabit Sub Mix                                     Murrabit AR37 Perennial Mix

80% VNS Diploid Italian                                           36% Double Crop Rye                                     80% One 50 Perennial Rye

20% Shaftal Persian Clover SowEasy                     24% New Tetila Annual Rye                           10% Tribute White Clover SE/KS

                                                                         28% Trikkala Sub Clover                                 10% Mainstay White Clover

12%Shaftal Persian Clover


Stocks of Sub Clovers, Annual Clovers, White Clover, Annual, Short Term & Perennial Ryegrass. Forage Oats, Fescue & more.