Murrabit Trading keep a good variety of Engine, Hi-Tensile & Coach Bolts in store. We have Mig wire, Welding Rods, Hard Facing Rods, Cutting Discs, Grinding Discs, Drill Bits, Tools, Gloves, Tec Screws, Nails, Wood Screws, Metal Screws, AnkaScrews, Dyna Bolts, Hinges, Hose Clamps, Shovels, Rakes, Brooms, Gal-Met Paints, Thinners, Turps, Metho, Kero, Extension Leads, Light Globes, Power Boards, Floodlights, Automotive needs like Trailer Plugs & Sockets, Fuses, Light Bulbs, Spark Plugs, Jerry Cans, Funnels, Filters, Oils, Brake Fluid, Cable Ties, Exhaust Clamps, CRC 5.56, Aerostart, Fuel Hose and much, much more. Axes, Block Splitters, Paint Brushes, Low density poly fittings for the Garden, Sprinklers, Drippers, Taps, Risers, Bug & Insect Spray, Garden Sprayers and more.
Eveready Batteries, Torches, Bushman Repellant, Rain Gauges, Butane Cans, Safety Glasses, Tape Measures, rat & mouse bait from Tomcat, Racumin, Bromakil & X-Verminator. Glue Boards & Bait Stations. There’s Fly Traps, Sure-can’s & Surface Sprays.
Leaf Eater rain heads, Silicon & Supa Glue, just to much to list. We have King-Gee & Yakka work wear, pants, shirts, shorts & coveralls. Gumboots from Cluther & Blundstone, work boots from Blundstone & Rossi, Hats & Sunscreen. Laundry powder like OMO, Drive, Euca, Charge, Blue Wash & more. Just to much to mention. Give us a call or drop in for all your needs.

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